Financisto 1.5.4 + update 1

New release 1.5.4 available in Android Market. A couple of new options available in the Preferences:

Daily automatic backup

It is disabled by default – you would need to turn it on. And set the backup time.

 Backup Folder

Can now be configured to point to any other directory on SD card. This can be useful to have an automatic backup to Dropbox or any other cloud service which supports syncing files from a specific folder.

Send Backup To..

Can be used to send the backup file to any other app supported by the standard Android intent. For instance, both Dropbox and Google Docs official apps support it. You can also use it so send the file attached by email. Please note that the file is not encrypted, so please don’t put it on any public place.

There are also a few UI improvements including quick action menus in the Accounts and Blotter screens. If you don’t like them you can turn them off in the Preferences.

A note to developers who make integrations with Financisto – the backup file is now gzipped by default. You would have to support both old and new formats.


  1. Не думали сделать хранение данных в виде таблиц google docs? в этом случае можно было бы заполнять баланс с разных устройств и в любом месте, при визуализации на андроид-устройстве.
    Программа хорошая, но лично меня от платного использования останавливает наличие только андроид-версии. А у жены – афоня…

  2. Can the excellent backupfunction also be used to continously export a QIF/CSV file to Dropbox ? A file in that format could easily be read if for example your phone is stolen.
    Thanks for a great little app !

  3. Hello Denis!
    Thanks a lot for the great application!!

    Maybe it’s a wrong place to ask, but I find it very difficult to work with payments in different currencies.
    For example: if I have a credit card in RUB, and make payment in EUR – i have to manually calculate amount in RUB. Can it be changed to put costs in EUR, using some current exchange rate (downloadable or entered manually)?


  4. Hnnmmmm, not finding the “send backup to…”,menu…

    Just updated…

  5. I can’t see quick action menus in the Preferences… Am I blind?
    I would like to switch them off. I prefer to use the “long press” to activate the quick action menus and “short press” to enter directly.

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