Financisto 1.5.5

Dropbox integration

To get it working you will have to authorize Financisto first. It’s easier to do if you have official Dropbox app installed. Financisto will not have full access to all your Dropbox, only to /financisto folder. There are a couple of options available in Menu -> Preferences -> Dropbox:

  • Authorize – tap to enable integration with Dropbox
  • Unlink – de-authorize Financisto to prevent it from accessing Dropbox
  • Upload Backups – this option allows to automatically upload backup file to Dropbox when you do Database Backup
  • Upload Auto-backups – if you have auto-backups enabled, the files will be uploaded to Dropbox automatically


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  2. Hi,

    In “Home currency and exchange rates” I can not use my country currency BAM although in XE.COM it exist. Can you resolve?

    (I get message:
    System.ArgumentException: Cannot convert BAM to Currency)

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