Financisto 1.5.7

1.5.7 has been released. New features and bug-fixes include:

  • New hierarchical category selector
  • New 3×1 and 4×1 widgets with embedded “New transaction” and “New transfer” buttons
  • Slovak translation
  • Fix total calculation in Blotter/Reports

New category selector

Makes it easier to pick categories if you have a long list or deep hierarchy. Give it a try, if you don’t like it, turn it off in the Preferences.

Categories in the list are shown in the same order as they organized in Entities -> Categories. There are a few configuration options available for the selector in the “New transaction screen” section:

  • The first one turns it on/off
  • Confirm automatically – if you select a leaf category (which does not have any child categories) then the selector closes automatically with the selected category
  • Income/Expense – allows to group income/expense categories together

New widgets

I’ve got quite a few complains that “New transaction” and “New transfer” shortcuts are not working properly with some custom launchers. So here are 2 new widgets 3×1 and 4×1 with these shortcuts embedded :)




  1. Great App. One of the reasons i chose this app is because it allows to input Credit card transactions. But the Credit card transactions are not showing up in any of the reports(category,accounts,period).

    Please help.

  2. How to view the report for half-year and year time, so that we can know how exactly the financial problems.

  3. Hello!

    I am the one having problem with transaction shortcut on my Xperia Mini Pro phone.

    I did install 1.5.7, but have only 2×1 widget on the list which does not have those shortcuts embedded.

    Is it due to smaller screen of my device or something else?


  4. Great app just started toying with it. Need some advice… What is the best way to show a credit card payment? Via transfer or a transaction? And what does the checkbox for “credit card payment” do not include in bill total mean?

    • amyn, I am a user of this incredible app.

      I believe the best way to input a credit card payment is by transfer, for example transfering from bank account to credit card or from wallet to credit card.

      That checkbox for credit card payment you should mark only when paying your Credit Card bill.

      Creator says: Transactions marked as “CC payments” will be excluded from CC monthly statement. I add: will show as payment there!

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