Financisto 1.5.8

A few new features in 1.5.8:

Detailed totals by currency and exchange rate errors

Seems like the last update caused a lot of confusion related to how totals get calculated in Home currency. From 1.5.8 Financisto is more user-friendly and will tell if there is something wrong with exchange rates setup which can stop it from calculating correct total.

If everything is fine, then detailed total screen will show totals for every currency and overall total in Home currency.

Pie charts

Every report screen now includes Pie Chart button which shows, well, a pie chart for this report. This is experimental (does not work in Android 1.5 for example) and your constructive criticism is most welcome.

Other changes

Exported .csv and .qif files can now be automatically uploaded to Dropbox.


  1. Сделай сайт на русском, исправь баги!

  2. I’m having trouble finding my csv export. The export says completed but I cant locate it in any of the folders in my phone. I was earlier able to locate it till 2 months back, but recently on trying to use it, I’m not able to locate the csv export.

    Any ideas?

  3. When I take and add a picture to a transaction, after i hit the save button for the picture the payee and amount is reset to zero . Then the app next screen is (save/save&new) buttons appear for that zero out transaction.

  4. Thanks for your software, it’s really changed the way I spend money.
    A small issue: when I transfer money from bank account to cash (I call it my pocket in the software), it’s shown as an income (green bar) in the report tab.
    I want all my accounts to be seen as a whole, everything out should be an expense (orange color), and everything in should be seen in reports as income (green color), what should I do?
    I’d be grateful if you send me the reply by mail.

  5. BTW … its a great app. Still trying to figure out how use attributes. :)

  6. Would be great if the font size can be reduced. Have to scroll a lot when there are lot sof categories.

  7. Great app, thanks. I have a suggestion: It would be very helpful if you allow users to save database directly in SD card so no data loss when upgrading ROMs. Also when you edit and change the amount of a transaction, the balance of the whole account is correct but the line-by-line balance is sometimes off.
    Thanks again for a great app!

  8. Great feature, but it works incorrectly.

    For example I have a category called “Food” consisting of sub-categories “Drinks”, “Meat”, “Vegetables” etc.

    In a pie chart I expect to see “Drinks” 20%, “Meat” 30%, “Vegetables” 30%, etc.
    Instead, I see: “Food” 50%, “Drinks” 10%, “Meat” 15%, etc.

  9. Hi!

    Great app, very much appreciated.

    A suggestion/request: would it be possible to automatically choose the category to recurring Payee-s?

    Let’s say I enter “Beer” which I always categorize as “Booze”, it would save a few second if whenever I select Beer from the drop-down list it would fill in the Category.


  10. Hi;
    great app, thank you man.

    Just a suggestion for the pie charts : maybe it could be more readable if you don’t display the categories when percentage is nul (

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