Integrity Check

I’ve got a few complains that running balance is getting out of sync is some (yet unknown) cases. While I’m still investigating the root cause, Financisto 1.6.1 introduces a semi-automatic way to fix it. On startup Financisto will compare current cunning balance and total amount for every account. And if they got out of sync, then a warning will appear on the screen.

To re-calculate the running balances please pick Menu -> More -> Integrity fix.


  1. Добрый человек, а по русски нельзя блог вести? Есть где то инструкция по работе с программой?

  2. shfadssiunudmoiamsdaml

    Could you please look into this one? I think this is the only key feature which is missing to make Financisto complete. :)

  3. At the Blotter List page, the time and the amount are partly covered so as cannot be seen. Maybe to add some pixels to the HEIGHT of each listitem, or to show the time and the amount at another place. Just look at the attachment at:

  4. I get crash on attempt to run Integrity Fix on my Galaxy Nexus. me to

  5. I get crash on attempt to run Integrity Fix on my Galaxy Nexus.

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