Splits tutorial

Split transactions have been introduced in Financisto 1.5.0. In a split transaction you can divide up the transaction amount into multiple categories or transfer a part of it into a separate account.

To start splitting a transaction you can either tap on the blue icon or select [Split…] category manually:

In the Amount field specify the total amount of the transaction:

New Unsplit amount field shows the amount yet to be splitted. You have to allocate the full amount to be able to save the transaction. Allocate specific amount to a category by adding a new split to the transaction. You can add a split by tapping on the unsplit amount field itself and then tapping on either Transaction or Transfer in the quick action menu or by tapping on the icons on the right side of the field:

Additional items in the quick action menu allow to automatically allocate the unsplit amount by the following rules:

  • Amount – subtracts the unsplit amount from the total amount. Useful when you edit a split and then want to correct the total amount to be sum of all splits
  • Evenly –  distributes the unsplit amount among splits evenly
  • Last – adds the unsplit amount to the last split. The last two are useful when you change the transaction total amount and want to reflect it on the existing splits

In the new split screen you can select a category for the split, change the amount and add a note. When you change the amount for the split, the unsplit amount will be updated to show the remaining amount.

Keep adding splits until you’ve got the full amount allocated, then tap on Save. A split transaction is marked by special icon in the Blotter. You can see the individual splits in the Transaction Info dialog.


  1. hello friends,
    have you any idea how to create like below menu (quick action grid)

    please see :

    please help us if you have sample code then please send me on my email address

  2. Excellent app.
    I just have one concern, is the split transaction not showing in the csv export (by each category we input) will be fixed to show, this is troublesome since splits come in blank in categories.

  3. Excellent app and “split transactions” is an excellent feature. Just to summarize the ‘details’ to polish in this feature:
    1. In “Reports/By Period”, split transactions are not considered, but they are in “Reports/By Category”.
    2. When importing as CSV, split transactions have not category.
    3. When using filters in “Blotter” split transactions are not shown. I guess this is related to point 1.
    4. I’d love to have a Payee for each split.

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work in this awesome app.

  4. Please, add folders for accounts, where I can put a some accounts and see total sum of them. Like “Cash”, “Deposits”, “Deptors” and so on.

  5. Great tool for for tracking pesonal finaces! Thank you a lot, Denis!

    But there is a bug after upgrading to version 1.5.3.
    Details of split transactions are not available to view now. The only props that can be observed are , , … Split categories and amounts are gone, and it is a thousand pities.

  6. Error in Financisto To make a launch in operations scheduled, for example a purchase on credit card divided into 4 times, is appearing as a forecast of revenue for several months as it launched infinitely. In anticipation of the dates appears correctly the dates for 4 plots, but to consult forecast of revenue, and shown by several months as if it were launched infinitely.
    Yours Truly,
    Claudio Lima

  7. Splits don’t show in blotter if you filter by category! Great app though.

  8. Александр Авраменко

    Would you make splits to be visible under category filter if one of split parts confirms. Thank you.

  9. Great app and a great new feature!

    However, please consider a few constructive points about the current implementation:
    1. In exported data, split transaction shows up as a single transaction without a category.
    2. There is no way to get split transactions to show in any of the budgets.

    Due to the above points, it is not fully usable yet. I have checked the backup file and see that all of the split transactions are recorded as separate entries in the database, so fundamentally this looks to be correct, and I guess it shouldn’t be a problem to add a different project for each, or make it show up in the budgets correctly. Please consider setting it up so that the export files show splits as separate transactions as well, perhaps with some additional field indicating whether they are part of one split transaction. Similar treatment should be applied to budgets, so that every split transaction is included in the relevant budget.

    Thank you!

    • 1. Split transaction in the export file represented by multiple entries – one for the parent transaction and the rest for every split. You find all splits by checking for parent_id>0
      2. Individual splits should appear in the budgets based on the categories. Projects will be added to splits later and so they will appear in the project based budgets too.

      • 1. Splits appear correctly in exported QIF file, but not in CSV.
        2. Ok, I have now been able to get them to show in the budgets by including “no project” in the selected projects. Before I assumed all of the sub-transactions are assigned a project selected for the whole split transaction, which I guess is not the case then.

        Toying with the budgets, I discovered another bug. If I want to get transfers included in the split transactions to appear in the budgets, I have to also select “no category”. I also have other parent categories selected, and checked “also include sub-categories”. But then, transactions from other categories also get included for some reason. I also found a solution – I have to manually select all sub-categories I want, and then deselect “also include sub-categories, which then filters categories correctly.

  10. It would be great to have an opportunity to choose not only a category for a splitted transaction but also a project.

  11. That’s really great!
    But I also wish I could split Transfers between accounts.
    Why? For example I have 2 credit cards accounts and when I transfer monew between them there is a bank fee: so I transfer $100 from card A to card B. Now card B has +$100, but card B need to have -$102,5 (2,5% fee). So now I must create 2 transactions to record my operation properly. It would be great if I could write this operation with a single split-transaction.
    Thank you!

  12. Great! I love this app, I manage my finances easily with it for quite some time successfully.
    As Seb. I wish I could use multiple accounts for a payment or to make a payment and transfer in the same operation.
    Example: Since the current account to PayPal and purchase from PayPal.
    Anyway, a big thank you to you!

  13. Thanks for this great App. The new UI improvements in 1.5.0 are very useful. But it would be nice if it exist a button who merge the function of Duplicate and Edit.

  14. Love the split feature. But when I try to edit a split cost, but I can’t change the splitting I made.

  15. Александр Авраменко

    First of all thank you for the great job! Is it possible in future assign not only category but also project to every part of split transaction?

  16. A great App that just got Better! This is something that was long time overdue. Keep up the good work. A+++

  17. Great, fantastic, wonderful!
    But I do have a little problem.
    Imagine that you pay in a store with two forms of payment, say some in cash, the other party by credit card. Since the transfers are only negative, it can not be.
    In my previous software in WinMo, I can also define if it was a withdrawal or a return. Will this be feasible?
    In any case, great for the job, a big thank you

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